Sagar Mohite is a computational artist and an engineer based in New York City. His work has been an exploration in combining principles of design and computational sciences to generate visualizations.

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2016.11 – Present Uplevel Security
Head of Visualization
2015.7 – 2016.11 Ardusat Inc.
Product Design and Data Visualization Engineer
2014.6 – 2014.10 Twitter Inc.
Data Visualization, @TwitterData
Worked to create some of Twitter’s public facing visualizations for large datasets with the Data Science/Analytics team.
2013 – 2015 Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.
Front-end engineering and data visualization (part-time).
2013.1 – 2013.5 IBM Research.
Research (software) and User Experience (Smarter Energy Group).
Created real-time interactive visualizations for data coming from a smart electrical micro-grid and demand-response systems.
Bachelor’s Thesis: Creating persuasive feedback loops to modify consumer behavior using demand-response models.
2011.12 + 2012.6 The NO2CO2 Project.
Project lead for Carbon Champ.
2011.6 DA-IICT.
Research Intern, Image Processing.
Implemented modified version of the block-matching algorithm for object tracking with a reduced time complexity.


2015-present Hyperspace – a visual exploration into higher dimensional spaces.
2015 Micro-stories Live, Google sponsored project for Future of Storytelling labs.
2014.6 Follower Growth at Twitter – a visualization showing the follower growth for each team on Twitter.
2014.12 Oakwood Beach Narrative – an interactive web-documentary shot with a drone.
2014.10 Colorpress – Data portraits of books and texts.
2013.12 The Force – designing a Star Wars experience for padawans.
2013.10 Time in the Sky – responsive documentary film created with OpenFrameworks.
2013.6 Firefox Memory Visualization – designing and visualizing the Firefox process memory tree.
2013.1 – 2013.5 Data Analytics and Persuasive Visualization to empower an island nation to save its natural resources. IBM Research.
2011.11 – 2012.7 Myslite music services.
Graphics and Illustrations that I make. [Dribbble].
Github repositories for some of my old projects.


2013 – 2015 New York University, Tisch School of the Arts.
Masters in Interactive Telecommunications Program.
2009 – 2013 DA-IICT.
Bachelor of Technology, Information and Communication Technology.
(Majors in Computer Science; Minors in Philosophy, Electronics and Telecommunications).