Myslite was unified music service application that I made. It is a music hub that integrates music services from and combines them with location services from Here Maps and social network like Twitter to provide a superior listening and music discovery experience.

It enables people to share the music they are listening to on a map in real-time as well as view information about friends’ playlists et al. It also displays personalised music recommendation and worldwide music trends in major cities responsively on a map. I was inspired by the semantics of music while designing the user interface for the app. In a way similar to musical notes, ancient languages often had a meaning attached to individual syllables or letters. This was a reason behind using the archaic Glagolitic typography as a theme for the interface. It is called ‘Myslite’ which means thought in Glagolitsa. It is a native Windows 8 application made entirely in C# and XAML.

Above are some of the screenshots of the last working prototype of the app (no, they are not wireframes). If you are interested in making a fork feel free to ping me.